Fortæl fortæl

September 18th, 2011

Der skal også være en dansk udgave af Tell a Tale, og den er tilmed ganske gratis, i hvert fald indtil videre. Her er link til app store. Teksten fra app store:

“Sæt jer sammen med børn og venner og fortæl historier på skift. Fortæl fortæl er et univers af ord og billeder, der kan få fortælleglæden til at blomstre hos alle. Du får den første og den sidste sætning af en historie og dertil kommer tre billeder. Så er resten op til dig. Er du sjov? Er du god til at finde på? Kan du få det hele til at hænge sammen?
Fortæl fortæl kalder på fantasien, men udvikler også din evne til at strukturere og disponere, til at bygge op og runde af.
Fortæl fortæl fungerer på mange niveauer og kan bruges af både børn og voksne.

Koncept og tekster af Astrid Heise-Fjeldgren”

Konceptet er stadig under udvikling, så vi modtager meget gerne forslag til forbedringer til (vi modtager også gerne uforbeholden ros). Hvis du har lyst til at se din egen tegning eller dit eget foto i en senere udgave, er du meget velkommen til at sende den til Vi kan ikke garantere, at alle bidrag bliver brugt.

Fortæl fortæl screenshot

Tell a Tale

September 16th, 2011

Tell a Tale screenshot

Astrids creative brain came up with this app which is really wonderful, in my totally unbiased opinion. You sit down with the kids or friends, and take turns making up a tale. The app gives you the first sentence, the last sentence, and three pictures which must be woven into the story. Fodder for the imagination, fertilizer for the creativity. The free version contains 25 texts and 23 images, upgrade to the full 100 texts and 93 images for a mere $0.99.

App store reviews

September 16th, 2011

OK, just wanted to share the first app store reviews with any readers out there. Believe it or not, we did not write them ourselves.

Times Trainer:

Very good for practicing math – ★★★★★

by  – Version 1.0 – 27 August 2011

Loved it.

German noun trainer:

Addictive and Easy App for learning and practicing genders – ★★★★★

by Kids Learn – Version 2.1 – 07 September 2011

This app is fantastic for learning German noun genders. It s not designed to teach you the meaning of the nouns, but to make learning the genders painless. If you already know a lot of German, but still mess up your genders, this is the app for you! It is so simple, yet effective, and you can use it in short spurts when you have a few minutes to spare. As the screen shots show, you just touch which gender-noun combination you think/guess is correct. If you are right, it lights up green and bings. If you’re wrong, it is red and the correct response is shown. You will see the noun again and again, mixed in with other nouns, until you “master” it by getting it right a certain number of times. It will even show up later as a review. The app keeps track of the number of nouns “mastered.” If I want to look up the definition of a noun, I just switch to the English-German app, which is free, and then switch back to the gender trainer and pick up right where I left off. A word on the effectiveness — because of the instant notification of whether you are right/wrong, the repetition, and fast nature of the app/game I find that the genders are really “sticking” now. This is way better than flashcards or anything else I have tried. A word on the nouns included in the app — they are common nouns used in most conversational German along with nouns used in business. An earlier version of this app had some issues with resetting to the first word, but this new version works like a charm. It has kept track of my progress through powering the iPod off and even updating the app itself. Thank you so much for this wonderful app!


German noun gender trainer

May 22nd, 2011

This App was created on request from Astrid. She speaks german pretty well, but she is annoyed that she can’t remember the gender of all the nouns, since this is crucial for speaking german correctly. The App is very simple; it presents one noun at a time, and gives you the choice between the three genders. If your answer is wrong, it shows you the correct answer and poses the same problem again. It you answer correctly, you get a different noun. The noun you answered correctly is pushed back in the list, so you get it again a little later. The more times you answer a given noun correctly, the further it is pushed back in the list, so you get it less and less frequently. After 4 correct answers for the same noun, it is counter as mastered, “gemeistert”. The program holds over 2500 nouns, with the most frequently used nouns trained first.


April 23rd, 2011

We are launching the TimesTrainer. The name hopefully gives it away – it is a program to drill the times table. The idea has been that you should learn the times table by heart, to almost immediate recall. The trainer poses multiplication problems that you must answer by pressing the correct number.

It has seven levels, from Basic to Expert. At Basic level, you only train 2×2, 2×3 and 3×3, at Expert level you must master the full table. You must answer the problem before the clock (the yellow cheese) runs out. At each level, the clock initially runs slowly, then faster. The idea is to require almost immediate recall before you move on to other problems. The pressure you feel from the ticking clock also has the effect of giving the trainer a slightly game-like feel.

We have used free sounds from, a highly recommendable source of sound effects.

Update May 11th: Finally available in the App store, after a long week waiting for review. I hope this link works:

About ipamki recall

April 20th, 2011

We are Christian and Astrid, and we are launching ipamki recall as a hobby project. We feel that there could be a niche for programs that practise specific recall tasks, such as the times table, the gender of nouns in German, chinese signs etc, on a very accessible platform such as the smartphone.  Some computer learning programs wrap the learning content in a childrens’ universe with animated characters etc. Other programs attempt a very comprehensive learning experience, and also teaches complex material. We will try to go for recall tasks only, so our programs will only be supplements to broader learning experiences. However, ambitious programs in computer learning have generally not been very succesful, and maybe there is use for programs that can be accessed rapidly to train narrow recall skills for 5-10 minutes.