Tell a Tale

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Astrids creative brain came up with this app which is really wonderful, in my totally unbiased opinion. You sit down with the kids or friends, and take turns making up a tale. The app gives you the first sentence, the last sentence, and three pictures which must be woven into the story. Fodder for the imagination, fertilizer for the creativity. The free version contains 25 texts and 23 images, upgrade to the full 100 texts and 93 images for a mere $0.99.

5 Responses to “Tell a Tale”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi there, This a great app! I use it in classrooms to spark ideas for writing. Could you please email me? I wish to talk to you further about this app. :o) Regards Lisa

  2. Mike Barker Says:


    I just stumbled on Tell a Tale. It does look very nice, but I was wondering — could you add an editor to let users add their own texts? Similarly, any chance of adding our own images?


  3. Beverly Says:

    To have value for the classroom, app needs to allow students to enter text. Prompts are good but app without some record of story cannot be analyzed or used for instructional purposes.

  4. Kelly Nolan Says:

    Could you offer a “full” version without In-App purchases? I cannot buy this for my teachers because I can’t use volume purchase money for in app purchases.

  5. admin Says:

    Dear Kelly

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will do that soon.

    Best regards, Christian