App store reviews

OK, just wanted to share the first app store reviews with any readers out there. Believe it or not, we did not write them ourselves.

Times Trainer:

Very good for practicing math – ★★★★★

by  – Version 1.0 – 27 August 2011

Loved it.

German noun trainer:

Addictive and Easy App for learning and practicing genders – ★★★★★

by Kids Learn – Version 2.1 – 07 September 2011

This app is fantastic for learning German noun genders. It s not designed to teach you the meaning of the nouns, but to make learning the genders painless. If you already know a lot of German, but still mess up your genders, this is the app for you! It is so simple, yet effective, and you can use it in short spurts when you have a few minutes to spare. As the screen shots show, you just touch which gender-noun combination you think/guess is correct. If you are right, it lights up green and bings. If you’re wrong, it is red and the correct response is shown. You will see the noun again and again, mixed in with other nouns, until you “master” it by getting it right a certain number of times. It will even show up later as a review. The app keeps track of the number of nouns “mastered.” If I want to look up the definition of a noun, I just switch to the English-German app, which is free, and then switch back to the gender trainer and pick up right where I left off. A word on the effectiveness — because of the instant notification of whether you are right/wrong, the repetition, and fast nature of the app/game I find that the genders are really “sticking” now. This is way better than flashcards or anything else I have tried. A word on the nouns included in the app — they are common nouns used in most conversational German along with nouns used in business. An earlier version of this app had some issues with resetting to the first word, but this new version works like a charm. It has kept track of my progress through powering the iPod off and even updating the app itself. Thank you so much for this wonderful app!


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