German noun gender trainer

This App was created on request from Astrid. She speaks german pretty well, but she is annoyed that she can’t remember the gender of all the nouns, since this is crucial for speaking german correctly. The App is very simple; it presents one noun at a time, and gives you the choice between the three genders. If your answer is wrong, it shows you the correct answer and poses the same problem again. It you answer correctly, you get a different noun. The noun you answered correctly is pushed back in the list, so you get it again a little later. The more times you answer a given noun correctly, the further it is pushed back in the list, so you get it less and less frequently. After 4 correct answers for the same noun, it is counter as mastered, “gemeistert”. The program holds over 2500 nouns, with the most frequently used nouns trained first.

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  1. Susan Says:

    The reset button is not working properly on the app. So far, I have been able to close the app and start again from where I left off only a few times. I thought I had it fixed yesterday, but this morning, I was back to the first words again. If the app continues to reset to the beginning, it will become useless to me as I can never get past the beginning words. Please, please fix this. If the reset button worked properly, this app would be pure genius for learning German noun genders. Ideally, it would be great if you could save your progress and return to it OR start from the beginning, whatever you felt like.
    Thanks .

  2. admin Says:

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you for the comment. I will get to work on fixing the bug as soon as I get back from the holidays.

  3. Stratis Sapuntzakis Says:

    I like the interface of the application a lot. The nouns are clearly presented and the feedback to the user is excellent. It would be very useful to have a configurable list of nouns for the app to work from or, at least, to have the ability to select/exclude certain nouns from a fixed list. I am saying this for two reasons: First, because such a feature would help with a staged learning of German nouns (e.g., when using the app in association with a German textbook vocabulary) and, second, because the gender of a good number of German nouns in the app can be arrived at from their endings (e.g., nouns ending in -ei, -heit, -ung etc… are feminine) and could be omitted from the list of nouns by a user who is willing to memorize a few gender rules. All in all an excellent application which could be made still more useful if noun entry/exclusion could be added. Thanks

  4. Phil Says:

    Firstly, this App is brilliant. I am in exactly the same situation as Astrid. I speak German almost perfectly, but have never mastered the gender of nouns. However, I have two comments. Firstly, I have hit a limit at 1332 words. This feels like I have exhausted the list of words. Does the App really contain over 2500 words? Secondly, I think you should change Zentimeter to Das Zentimeter. Normal usage appears to be Der Zentimeter, although apparently Das Zentimeter is not incorrect. A colleague of mine said he had learned that Das Meter was only used to refer to the “Prototype metre” in Paris. The App also includes Der Kilometer, which makes Das Zentimeter very confusing.

  5. Phil Says:

    I take it back! I have broken through the limit of 1332. It would still interest me to know whether there are some thresholds where you hold back new words until a certain level has been reached.

  6. Angela Says:

    I will start off by saying the ‘teaching method’ if the app is absolutely fantastic.
    But Why such obscure words?
    As a person who is just starting to learn German do many of the words are not applicable to ‘every day life’
    I have now since read that you created the app to help a native German speaker so that would explain it.
    Do you have or would you consider creating one for everyday words-
    For example: body parts, furniture, days, items found in a house etc –
    Becasue, as I said, your ‘teaching methids’ is spot on.

  7. Nick Says:

    Heya! Here are layout problems in ios6 – the iAd banner squooshes down over the top answer box. I have a screenshot if you want 🙂

    Thanks for the app, it’s cool and useful!

    I would extra-love it if there was an button to provide a translation to (for example) English, maybe in a popup box with a page from Leo or so..


  8. Derek Says:

    You don’t seem to have done the fix that Susan requested in 2011. The app keeps resetting itself so forgets how far you got whenever it is switched off or synced. So after practising hours to learn the first few hundred words I never get to the next set!. Also it shows Datum as der not das and Sender as die not der. Hopefully you will update soon as without the bug it would be a super app. Thanks

  9. admin Says:

    Dear Derek,

    Sorry for the late reply, your message got caught in the spam filter. I hope that the version 3.4 update has fixed the problem. It was a stupid programming error.

    Best regards,

  10. Chad Says:

    Fantastic app but could you please make a paid version as well as the free version so that we don’t have to put up with all the adds? Good marketing but they are really annoying when all you want to do is learn German. Please make the app affordable as it would be such a shame to not be able to use it because it was too annoying with adds or too expensive. Thanks in advance.

  11. admin Says:

    OK Chad, will do!


  12. Dave Says:

    It’s a very good app. There are a few mistakes and a few words with two possible genders (ex. Band). It would be great if you did the same app but with German plurals!

  13. Lisbet Says:

    Good app. Brillant interface. Translation to English would be a good idea. Messuring the succesrate in procent – very motivating. This could be in a paid version.
    Thank’s for a good app.
    Lisbet – from Denmark.