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Chinese sign writing trainer

Monday, November 5th, 2012

At last we are ready to launch the App I have wanted to finish for over a year: the Chinese sign writing trainer! I will be very grateful for comments here or in the App Store Reviews.

I spend about an hour on the train commuting each day, and when I was taking Chinese classes, I felt that it would have been great to spend some of that time practicing writing the chinese signs, but that it was unwieldy to sit with paper and pencil on the train. The answer: training on the iPhone/iPod/iPad. From a comment to the Chinese sign reading trainer, I realized that it was necessary to include the possibility of choosing the order of training the signs, and the design and coding of this part took a while. But now it is finished! I think it is my best App so far, but there is still room for improvement, so please comment!

The present demo App has 120 of the most common signs, including all signs from Chapter 1 of Integrated Chinese, Volume 1. If the demo is just moderately popular, I plan to make a paid version with about 500 signs, including all signs from the entire Volume 1.

Screen shot 1

Screen shot 2