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German noun gender trainer

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

This App was created on request from Astrid. She speaks german pretty well, but she is annoyed that she can’t remember the gender of all the nouns, since this is crucial for speaking german correctly. The App is very simple; it presents one noun at a time, and gives you the choice between the three genders. If your answer is wrong, it shows you the correct answer and poses the same problem again. It you answer correctly, you get a different noun. The noun you answered correctly is pushed back in the list, so you get it again a little later. The more times you answer a given noun correctly, the further it is pushed back in the list, so you get it less and less frequently. After 4 correct answers for the same noun, it is counter as mastered, “gemeistert”. The program holds over 2500 nouns, with the most frequently used nouns trained first.